Saint Catherine's Monastery Half Day Tour

St. Catherine’s Monastery is the smallest dioceses, and the oldest Christian Monastery in the world, still in use and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It also houses a rich collection of icons and precious manuscripts. The tour starts from Taba in the morning and you will spend about half a day in this unique historic site. Enjoy a tour to St. Catherine's Monastery, the remarkable Orthodox Christian monastery that is believed to be in use since the year 381 AD. Take in the atmosphere of this important religious site, a functioning monastery for almost 1,700 years. Admire the impressive architecture, artwork and chapels, and picture what life was like for orthodox monk’s years ago. The half-day tour departs from Taba Heights at 7:00am, giving you a chance to explore the Monastery's incredible architecture, beautiful chapel, historic icons and ancient artwork. After taking your time to learn about this unique place, you will head back to Taba Heights at 14.00 PM.

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