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MS Sudan Steam Nile Cruise Ship

  • Duration: 3,4, & 7 Nights
  • Runs: Saturdays & Tuesdays
  • Starting from: Luxor - Aswan
  • Return to: Aswan - Luxor
  • Pickup time:

Tour Itinerary

The Steam Ship Sudan, an authentic steamship built at the dawn of the 20th century, brings turn-of-the-century travel to life again.A boat inhabited by the memory of the King Fouad who received it as a gift in 1885; the memory of the Belle Époque travelers who used it; or that of Hercule Poirot who Agatha Christie had walking its decks in her writings…

Sudan Steam Ship Cabins & Suites Features:
All the cabins have kept their period character while offering services worthy of an actual hotel room. Bathroom with tub or shower, toilets, air conditioning.
The rooms and suites are all different, sometimes with Eastern decorative touches (carpets, fabrics), sometimes with beautiful classic 19th century furniture. Warm woodwork makes this refined atmosphere even more intimate. Each of the cabins has two windows and gives directly onto the promenade deck.

The prow and the poop of the upper deck are home to four of the five suites. They are distinguished from the more classic cabins by their paler tones as well as by their large bay windows opening onto the Nile. Panoramic and flooded with light, they are also slightly more spacious than the classic cabins. The Farouk suite, entirely in dark wood, is located on the in the prow on the main deck.

Note: According to the Steam ship Sudan’s policy, they do not accept children under the age of 7 on board for security reasons.
Sudan steam Ship Facilities:
•23 cabins, including 5 suites,
•Steam engine room on show for guests to view.
•Small shop with local souvenir.
•Occasional entertainment program.
•Languages spoken by the personnel on board: French & English.
•Panoramic bar lounge
•Medical attention available at all times.
•Payments on board are made in cash & credit card.
•Main lobby with reception desk
•Authentic 19th Century antique furniture in all suites & Cabins.

Sudan Steamer Ship Itineraries

Every  Tuesday 4 Nights from Luxor to Aswan

Day # 1) – Luxor (Tuesday)
Transfer in order to board the ship before lunch. Time to settle into your cabins. Gourmet lunch on the ship. The afternoon is devoted to discovering the richness of the Luxor River; the visit of the temple of Karnak, where each Pharaoh rendered homage by bringing a stone to build the temple. No other sacred edifice ever designed included as perfect illustrations as this temple: The temple of Amon Râ was an enormous permanent construction site for over 2,000 years. Then the visit of the temple of Luxor, one of the most majestic Pharaoh temples and one of the most picturesque because of it’s suspended mosaïcs. Finally, free time in Luxor before dinner. Option for the evening entertainment, the “Sound and Light” show. First night and dinner aboard the ship at the port of Luxor.

Day # 2)  – Louxor / Esna (Wednesday)

Leave early in the morning for a long day spent discovering the Necropolis of Theban: visit some of the tombs of in the Valley of Kings and in the Valley of Queens. This valley served as a place to inhumatize the princes’ from the New Empire (around 1580-1085BC) and from the 19th dynasty on it served for the inhumation of the royal spouses. Visit the temple of Ramsey III of Medinet-Habou; just about perfectly conserved, they are examples of the most perfect funeral temples of the Ramesside Dynasty. Then begin navigating towards Esna at 2:30p.m, which is about 60km south of Luxor. Lunch and dinner on board. Second evening spent on board docked at Esna.

Day # 3) – Esna / Edfu / Kom Ombo (Thursday)

Passage through the lock in the morning and navigation towards Edfou, roughly 46km south of Esna. Visit the temple of Edfou, the largest sanctuary built during the period of King Ptolemy. He is found there in an exceptional state of conservation. Lunch will be on board. Then we sail towards Kom Ombo, about 145km south of Edfou. Dinner and the night are passed aboard the ship at Kom Ombo.

Day # 4) – Kom Ombo / Aswan (Friday)

Discover the elegant temple of Kom Ombo, situated on the Nile and dedicated to the Divinities of Haroeris and Sobek. Navigation towards Aswan, about 48km south of Kom Ombo. Then a visit to the temple of Philae, which has been entirely moved to the island of Algikia during the construction of the high barrage (this you will visit in the afternoon); after that you have time for a boat ride around the numerous islands. Free time in Aswan before dinner. Option: evening entertainment, another “Sound and Light” show. Last evening spent on the ship while at port in Aswan.

Day # 5) – Aswan (Saturday)

Depart from the ship and transfer after breakfast.

Every  Saturday 3 Nights from  Aswan to Luxor

Day # 1 )– Aswan (Saturday)
Transfer in order to board the ship before lunch. Time to settle into your cabins. Gourmet lunch on the ship. First afternoon visit is to the temple of Philae, then the temple of Hathor, and finally a visit to the summer house (pavilion) of Trajan, depart for the breakaway dam in Aswan. Free time in the souks of Aswan. Evening option, the “Sound and Light” show at Philae (with a French reading of the author André Castelot). First evening and dinner spent a board the ship at the port of Aswan.

Day # 2 ) Aswan / Kom Ombo / Edfu / Esna (Sunday)
Early set off for Kom Ombo, about 48km North of Aswan. Discover its temple, which resides on the summit of a sort of acropolis, a very unique structure to be found in Egypt. It is in fact a double temple, which was dedicated to two divinities: Sobek, the crocodile God, and the God Horus in his normal form. We continue towards Edfou, about 145km to the north of Kom Ombo. Gourmet lunch on ship. Afternoon visits to the temple, constructed under the Ancient Empire and reconstructed during the Ptolemaic and Roman period; it is dedicated to the falcon God Horus. We set off in the beginning of the evening for Esna, roughly 46km north of Edfou. Second night and dinner on board while docked at Esna.

Day # 3 ) – Esna / Luxor (Monday)
After passing through the lock, we navigate towards Luxor, about 60km north of Esna. Containing infinite treasures, the large city of the Upper Egypt remains the symbol of economic strength and Egyptian wealth. Gourmet lunch on ship. The end of the afternoon is dedicated to the discovery of the river banks of Luxor: first the temple of Karnak, built to exhibit the glory of the God Amon Räy, then a visit to the temple of Luxor, in which construction began under Amenophis III and continued under Ramsey II. In this “Southern Harem” that sheltered the Goddess Ipet-Amonet, the Egyptians celebrate the festival of Opet. Today this temple is found in the heart of the city. At last dinner and your last night on board the ship at Luxor.

Day # 4 – Luxor (Tuesday)
Early departure for a long morning adventure and discovery of the Necropolis of Theban : visit some of the tombs in the Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens. Discover the funeral temple of Ramsey III, the best conserved temple in the Necropolis. Transfer after the visit.


Meet & assist services in arrival & departure by our REP
Accommodation aboard 5* cruise on full board basis
All shore excursions along the Nile cruise journey
Trip to visit Karnak temple and Luxor temples
Tour to visit Valley of the Kings, Hatshipsut temple
Trip to visit Edfu temple as per cruise itinerary
Tour to visit Kom Ombo temple as per cruise itinerary
Trip to visit Philae temple, High Dam unfinished obelisk
Tour to visit Elephantine island & Botanical Gardens in Aswan
Entrance fees to all sights between Luxor and Aswan are included
Professional Egyptologist guide for all tours aboard cruise
Service charges and all applicable taxes
Free bottled water during transfers to / from the Nile Cruise


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